Channeled Messages, Emissaries of the Third Ray

This morning, I connected with a group of light beings called the Emissaries of the Third Ray. They are beautiful, tall, blue light beings with a strong message to humanity at this time. This is what they told me:

“Breathe into your heart, sit in silence and bliss with open arms, hands facing up. Mind is fear. There is no such thing as an open mind, because as long as mind is there, fear is also there. Fear is the opposite of love, simply because fear contracts and love expands. The only way to be truly open is to silence the mind and open the heart. If humanity is to survive, this is the change that needs to happen!

When the heart is open, there are no fixed ideas, just peace, love, expansion and unlimited possibilities. Choosing to live in terror, fear, lack and limitations always means that you are living in mind, and mind only exists in two places – past and future. It simply cannot exist in the present. This is why every enlightened being agree on one thing – you have to bring your energy to the NOW, this moment, here and now. Why? Because when you are in the present, the mind is silenced and your heart is expanded, and this is the only state where you have the ability to hear your inner guidance and re-connect with the source within.

Living in the future instead of here and now, means living in “ifs,” and in doing so, you are not only limiting yourself, you are also attracting the future that you fear! If you want a positive future for humanity, this is not the way. We  have to learn to silence the mind and live in the now before we can become co-creators of a future with a positive outcome.

The easiest way to silence the mind is to bring it to the NOW. This very moment, there is no problem. This very moment, there are no ifs. This very moment, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the coffee is brewing and your heart if filled with joy, light, love and content. If you argue that you can’t feel this level of love and peace unless things or conditions in your life change first, you are missing the point. Things changing are always in the future, and the future never comes. It is always NOW, and NOW, and NOW…

And, in this moment, NOW, there is never a problem. We are not saying that there are no issues in your life that has to be dealt with, we are just talking about this moment, here and now! Take a deep breath, close your eyes, be here, as deeply and totally as you can, and your mind will either disappear, or you can see a thought or two, as if they were subtitles on a movie screen, far away from your present consciousness! Don’t make it complicated! Just do it! No need to ask “how?” This is just your mind trying to distract you…

Can we function in our daily activities with our hearts open and our minds silent? Absolutely! This is the key to your survival on the planet!

When you are in a heart space, you have an expanded perception that is not fear based, and this will help you see things in your life from a higher vibrational perspective. When action is needed in your physical reality, the mind will help you (like a tool) to accomplish your actions and visions without any limiting “ifs.”

Fear and terror are like contagious diseases in humanity. They make your whole being contract inside your bodies, they dis-empower you, and as a result, you only attract lack and misery into your life, which then fuels your fears even more! What people don’t understand is that this is actually a choice, possibly an unconscious choice, but still, a choice! Our message to humanity is that this very moment, you can un-choose your misery and step back into the power of NOW, and the power of LOVE. We are talking about divine love, of course, not the love that you know as human relationship love. Divine love is the energy that flows through your heart directly from source whenever you give your mind a rest. The choice is yours, the time is NOW, and the future of humanity depends on it!”

I was filled with buzzing awe, joy and love after this powerful channeled message came through! Feel free to comment – I would love to hear your feelings on this!

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  1. Comment by Marilyn Rak:

    I love this message. I would love to hear more.

  2. Comment by mati:

    I get a lot of messages from many different beings and I just share what comes. I never know what comes next – it is always a surprise…